We all know people who have loved, passionately, their instrument during their years at the Conservatory and who end up leaving it in a corner of the living room. Or those instrumentalists who integrate amateur or semi-professional ensembles where they are imposed a program that does not suit them, who no longer have any real pleasure and who hope to rediscover this momentum of group work.  

We know them and we appreciate them these instrumentalists who need their instrument, need to find the fingers which run on the keys, the flexible arm on the bow, the sharp breath in the reed.  

We know them and we want to offer them the space to rediscover the sparkling eye, the joy of progressing, the pleasure of finding a fair and rich interpretation, together.

This is why we have decided to set up


Within this structure which supports in particular  The Voices of Resonance , the instrumentalists having preferably, at least,  a 3rd cycle of Conservatory get together every Friday evening around projects they choose together and works from the choir program.

With the help of Virginie PAPE , ethology, violin teacher and Deputy Artistic Director, the musicians work on the works with our conductor Patrick SAYAQUE who accompanies them in the interpretation of the chosen repertoire.  

In keeping with this attentive and precise teaching, Résonances is proud to welcome to its ranks, alongside experienced musicians, young instrumentalists still studying. Concerned about the transmission and sharing of knowledge, the team is committed to enabling the younger generations to get involved as early as possible in participatory and rewarding projects, reinforcing the dynamism recently launched in Toulon.

Results ?

Friendliness, flexibility and high standards in the service of music!


Do you like it?

Join us !

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