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"One of my essential objectives is to fight against selfishness, withdrawal into oneself and to allow everyone to discover that music is a great tool for self-fulfillment. I had the chance to know this experience and I want to make it discover as best I can ".


Patrick SAYAQUE in a few words


A Parisian childhood which led to integrate the Conservatory of the 9th arrondissement.

A formation in piano, violin and chamber music which opens the doors of the great repertoire.

A doctorate in law.

The desire to link musical passion with that of entrepreneurship, of leading, of guiding teams towards surpassing themselves.

A stay in Rome and an aesthetic shock, the improvement of vocal technique with soloists of the Naples Opera.

The discovery of the richness of expression, the work of technique in the service of feeling.

The management of large companies.

The creation and management of an inter-cantonal music school.

The two passions which answer each other. That come into ... resonance. Obviously.

The birth of various semi-professional and amateur vocal groups coming from various horizons and the same desire to open up the field of possibilities.

Arrival in the south of France.

The management of real estate agencies.

The meeting with the Résonances team.

The resumption of the artistic direction of the association.

A mixed choir, an instrumental ensemble.

The revival of Cantadis , the only men's choir in the region.

New adventures on the horizon.