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We believe that there are two categories of choristers.

The first: the shy talented.

The second: the seasoned scorekeepers.

At Résonances, we want these two species of singers to acclimatize, tame, bring each other, in good humor and the joy of working.  

This is one of the main objectives of our chef , Patrick SAYAQUE, who is fiercely convinced that technical mastery, the harmonization of desks and the quality of the nuances lead as much to asserting his talent, to taking pleasure as to putting himself at the service. Artwork.


Asserting oneself and knowing how to adapt to the spirit that guided the composer, this is what we seek to experience each week .

To do this, Résonances offers a TWO-STAGE PEDAGOGY.

Before rehearsals :

  • Sound aids are recorded for each voice, sent by email with the scores and available as a backup on this site in  the "TOOLBOX" tab.

  • Multiple insights into the works and the technique are available in RESONNONS, the newsletter and on this site.

During rehearsals:  

  • About twenty minutes and vocalizations, warm-up and exercises. 

  • A desk work with a desk leader.

  • The accompaniment for each voice, on the piano, every Tuesday evening by Michel DUBUIT, our beloved organist and arranger.

  • A monthly rehearsal with a professional pianist.

  • Several rehearsals with the instrumental ensemble     THE RESONANCE INSTRUMENTS which       accompanies the choir during concerts.


And above all, a lot of empathy.  


At Résonances, you are therefore sure to be able to continue singing, even after getting out of the shower, or to accept with a smile your neighbor at the desk who has again made a forte even though it is written piano .