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One of the essential goals of Résonances new version is to offer a variety of tools allowing its members, choristers and instrumentalists, to discover the many riches of musical culture.

With the Résonnons - monthly newsletter - and Afternoon at the Opera, the association offers daily winks.

7 themes.

Quarterly renewal.

History and the world of tomorrow.  

Recognized works and the young guard of instrumentalists, composers, researchers.

Men and women, often equally.

Works of art.

Unpublished anecdotes.

Portraits to listen to.

Videos to see and hear.

And all this for less than a few minutes of reading per day;)

Blink well and feel free to comment, we always respond!

FRIDAY November 12, 2021
sur les routes de la musique
Mister P
00:00 / 05:26

Découvrez comment Pythagore s'est inspiré des sciences égyptiennes pour comprendre la gamme de 12 notes.

voir la musique
Apollon et les Muses 2
00:00 / 04:59

Le mythe d'Apollon a énormément inspiré les artistes.

Après Raphaël, deux autres perceptions du mythe et de la place qu'y occupe les Muses.

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