In order to allow the full musical development of its members, Résonances offers another tool, in addition to Résonnons and daily winks: Afternoons at the Opera.

Launched at the start of the 2021 school year, these afternoons offer a friendly program and support in discovering one of the works in the repertoire . We have chosen to combine the local direct with the Toulon opera house and the global direct with the live performances of the Metropolitan Opera in New York broadcast by the Pathé cinema at Place Liberté.

1st step : a file presenting the opera, with precise and original angles of view. This file is accompanied by video recordings of the most famous performances.

2nd step : a summary, with a focus on the headliner, is distributed in paper format to all members, with a response bulletin detailing the possible offer.

To know ?

  • In order not to bother anyone, everyone is free to reserve their place in the category that suits them, knowing that the chef takes his in paradise.

  • We meet at the intermission and then after the performance for a friendly aperitif, where we discuss what we have just seen and heard. This 3rd step thus associates the values of the association: friendliness and high standards!


If you want to join us without being part of the association as a member (active chorister or instrumentalist), no worries! Contact us!